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Christian Wagner

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Hadi Arefi

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Jose Maria Guevara Parra

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Amin Karimi

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Ruslan Temirov

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F. Stefan Tautz

Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI-3) "Quantum Nanoscience"
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Alexandre Tkatchenko (U Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Theoretical Chemical Physics

Rolf Findeisen (OVGU Magdeburg, Germany)

Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Michael Rohlfing (WWU Münster, Germany)

Elektronic Structure and Dynamic of Condensed Matter

Klaus-Robert Müller (TU Berlin, Germany)

Institute of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science: Machine Learning

Anatole von Lilienfeld (U Basel, Switzerland)

Quantum mechanical rational compound design lab

Reinhard Maurer (U Warwick, UK)

Computational Surface Chemistry

Jan van Ruitenbeek (U Leiden, The Netherlands)

Experimental Nanophysics

Paul Kögerler (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

Inorganic chemistry and molecular magnetism

January 19th, 2023

MomaLab is part of the Orbital Cinema project!

September 8th, 2022

Warmest congratulations to Taner Esat for winning the Gerhard Ertl Young Investigator Award for his outstanding work in surface science, particularly metastable standing molecules.

April 7th, 2022

Want to make your own standing molecule? "Design Principles for Metastable Standing Molecules" Read at J. Phys. Chem. C

October 10th, 2021

We finally knocked it down: "The stabilization potential of a standing molecule" Read at Science Advances Press release

October 22nd, 2020

Introducing machine learning to the nanoscale: "Autonomous robotic nanofabrication with reinforcement learning" Read at Science Advances Press release

July 2020

Our Helmholtz-AI project MomoNano (together with HZB and TU-Berlin) successfully competed for a three year funding by the Helmholtz Association.

September 2nd, 2020

"The theory of scanning quantum dot microscopy" Read at J Phys. Cond. Mat.
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